LINCOLN ELECTRIC®offers a wide range of plasma cutting products

Do You want to save time,money,effort and be able to cut parts as You need them?

Do You want to expand and grow Your Business with added potential income,by cutting for other People?

Do You want to own Your own Plasma Cutting Machine,let me show You how.I will help You establish affordability and the return on investment You can expect by owning Your own Plasma Cutting Machine.

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The LINC-CUT BASIC  entry level plasma

  • Suited for small fabrication shops,training centers and schools.
  • Cutting range 1,000 – 1,000 mm up to 25 mm mild steel

The TORCHMATE  4400/4800CNC plasma cutting systems are designed for expanding farbrication shops.

  • High-end cutting table that could fit into any small-to-medium sized fabrication shop
  • Maximum cutting range: 1,250 x 1,250 mm for TM 4400 and 1,250 x 2,500 for TM 4800
  • Cutting up to 25 mm mild steel

The LINC-CUT  plasma cutting and marking without compromises

  • Suited for smaller fabrication shops with limited floorspace
  • Cutting range 1,500 – 3,000 mm up to 25 mm mild steel

The TORCHMATE 5100  an Industrial 5×10 CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

  • Torchmate 5100 is our flagship 1,5m x 3m CNC plasma cutting machine. This robust, industrial table is built with production in mind.

The PYTHONX   pythonx steel beam cutting processing by a single machine

  • Replaces 5 or more machines in steel beam fabrication with a single process step.Operations like drilling,sawing,coping,marking and others are performed by a single machine.

MASTERPIPE compact profiler delivers efficient,accurate pipe cutting in a small footprint.

  • Ideal for roll cage fabrication shops, handrail and fencing manufacturers looking to increase the efficiency of profiling and cutting their pipes and tubes.

Whether the material at hand is pipe, structural beam or at plate, the plasma power source, the controller and the torch height control play a critical role in achieving the best cut possible. If your are planning to stay in the game – and more importantly, stay ahead of the game – you need to do your plasma cutting at a high volume and you need to do it right the ­first time.

LINCOLN ELECTRIC® have been making affordable cutting tables since 1979, and have accelerated our technological advances in motion control, height control, and manufacturing due to the acquisition by Lincoln Electric® in 2011. Lincoln Electric has made this international brand of CNC plasma tables a top-tier product in the world of plasma automation, and will continue to offer the affordability and quality that has made Torchmate a household name in the fabrication industry.Lincoln also offers Training Resources unmatched in the industry.

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